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Christmas Stocking

For adults & children age 10+


No experience needed. You will get to make this Heirloom of the future.   All materials included. Plenty of different fabrics to choose from.


Dates for kids

Dates for adults

23rd Nov 1.30-3.30

13th or 19th Nov 10-12.00

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7th Dec 1.30-3.30

28th Nov 7.30-9.30

3rd Dec 10-12.00

12th Dec 7.30-9.30

Christmas decorations

Age 10+ parents do not need to attend, unless going to a class themselves!  Max 10 people.


No experience needed. We will be making these Scandinavian style hand sewn Felt Christmas decorations. All fabrics supplied. Make as many as you can in the two hrs.


Dates for kids

Dates for adults

30th Nov 1.30-3.30

27th  Nov 10-12

14th Dec 1.30-3.30

5th Dec  7.30-9.30

Christmas Wreath

All fabric included


Students get to make an upcycled everlasting wreath or a more tradional herb wreath or you can conbine both.


Dates for adults

26th  Nov 10-12.30

10th Dec  10-12.30

Snood & mitts

Suitable for beginner.


We will be using sewing machines . I will provide you with a pattern and you will get to make a pair of mittss and a snood from plush fleece. Students may bring their own machine if they prefer. All fabrics Included

Dates for kids

Dates for adults


22nd Oct 9.30-11.00

30th Oct 10.00-11.30

23rd Oct 1.00-2.30

20th Nov 10.00-11.30

26th Oct 11.30-1.00