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intro 2 sew

intro 2 sew


24th Sept - 9.30-11.30

20th Nov - 9.30-11.30

16th Oct - 9.30-11.30

Please check

Covid safe page

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2 hr class  - 9.30-11.30


Maximum 2 students

Suitable for beginner


A great sewing course for a complete beginner.

Students NEED to have their own sewing machine.

Introduction on how to use a sewing machine. Great if you have a machine & don't know where to begin or you need a refresher. If your machine is old please check it working prior to the class. If you have a manual have it to hand.


Course will cover

  • How to thread a machine
  • Feet and tools explained
  • basics on how your machine works
  • General maintenance
  • Basic stitches
  • All you need to know to build your confidence