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beginner sewing

beginner sewing



Sept 15th-29th

Nov 3rd-17th



Oct 7th-21st

Oct 8th-22nd

Oct 6th-20th

Nov 11th-25th

Nov 12th-26th






3 week 2hr class


maximum 2 students

Suitable for beginner




I will be keeping class sizes to 2 to adhere to social distancing and students will be asked to hand sanitise regularly.


A great sewing course suitable for a complete beginner. Introduction on how to use a sewing machine. Also great if you have a new machine & don't know where to begin. Bring your machine to class ( please bring your manual if you have one). If your machine is old please check it is working before bringing to class.


Course will cover

  • How to thread a machine - wind the bobbin
  • Feet and tools explained
  • Basics on how your machine works
  • General maintenance - basic stitches
  • How to insert a zip & use bias tape
  • Hem, seam finishes & buttonholes
  • Make a Tote bag & Cushion cover
  • & many more techniques & tutorials


The course consists of 3 parts over 3 weeks


week 1

Intro 2 sew This covers all the basics to get you started. All aspects and parts of the sewing machine explained in details. The importance of different needles and fabrics. Bring in your machine and I will tell you what all those extra feet and parts do.


week 2 ( fabrics included)

Make a Tote bag using a simple pattern you will make lovely tote bag. It may be simple but you will learn many different techniques.


week 3 (fabrics & cushion included)

Make a a Cushion We will make a simple cushion using a pattern. You will learn how to insert a zip and how to make piping.




Please check

Covid safe page

for details